Monday, April 7, 2008

March Results, Aprils Challenges

Well it's April already. Hard to believe, it was feeling like Spring last week and then Winter came back this weekend and took, hopefully, it's parting shot at us, dumping a good 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. I've got my seeds started inside and hopefully by mid to late May I can move them outside and/or to pots. If I don't kill them that is. April's a steady month not too busy, not slow for me. A's going to be 4 end of the month (how did she get so big so fast?) so I'm full steam ahead on the birthday plans. She's gonna have her first party with friends here at the house.

March was a cub scout crazy month. J participated in his first pine wood derby. He did well placing between 4th and 2nd on the Wolf division runs. He didn't place to be in the pack run but he didn't care. He's already planning his car for next year. He's 2 achievements away from his Wolf patch, so he'll be ready for cross-over in May no problem. Techincally an April event rather than March but last week the boys got to visit one of the cargo plane squadrons. They had a blast getting to explore a C-17 I believe it was. I'm horrible with identifing the planes.

Goal wise, I'm doing alright. Had the head cold from heck the last couple of weeks, my energy is finally returning. For workout and weight, not so good. I gained 3 pounds, I have no idea where since I got a pair of size 10 pants on comfortably. The routine was hit and miss, I caught the cold from baby girl. On the health front, I'm eating regularly and taking the vitamins so yay me! Writing was hit and miss, but it's becoming more of a steady flow instead of starts and stops so I'm happy. Stitching and blogging I failed. Almost done with page one on Temptation didn't touch the Dragon at all. Had to stop and jump to a simple project for an April baby friend. Blogging I posted, what twice in March. I finally came up with a way of remembering I have to blog, by adding it to my count spreadsheet. I keep track of everything else on there why not one more item. Silly I didn't think of it sooner.

April's goals are
1. Find out why I'm gaining instead of losing. I'm starting to question the 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing. Keep it going.
2. I'm gonna start counting calories using a food diary. Maybe that will help with #1
3. Keep on with the 300 words a day. It seems to be working.
4. Finish up April b-day project and get back onto Temptation. I've set Dragon aside for the time being.
5. Blog. Put daily reminders into the Palm and add it to the count spreadsheet. Hopefully I'll remember to get on once a week.

Happy Monday!

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