Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leaving Las Vegas


This will be my last post from Sin City. Let's see....

--Tentative release date for Wet & Wild: Three of Hearts is 1July07.
--The Daughters of Circe grand opening of the website will be held 10Feb07.
--And the winner of the contest is Wolvez who guessed 150. I got my entire library of 143 with plenty of room to spare on my memory card. Wolvez has won 1 book of her choice from my publisher Forbbiden Publications. Their link is over there on the right. Shoot me an email when you've made your choice. Congrats Wolvez!!

Well that's about it so see y'all in Anchorage!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Contest: How many Ebooks will fit?

As a reader I love contest as they present me with a chance to get neat stuff from my favorite authors. As a new author I haven't the foggiest on what is and isn't a good contest to throw. Therefore, I've decided to hold a guessing game contest. With the upcoming move I'm faced with the scary knowledge that all my books are going to be packed up and shipped to Alaska where I won't get to see them again until early March **knock on wood**. Thankfully technology is such that I won't be without reading material. THANK YOU GODS FOR EBOOKS!

Here's the contest: I've got a 1gb memory card for my Palm Pilot. How many books do you think I can fit on it? Post your guesses and whoever gets the closest will get a surprise.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I know I'm four days late, but I've been busy working and planning our move. I'll be leaving for Alaska sometime in February. It'll all depend on when I get my passport and then onto Anchorage I go.

I've decided to do a book list over there on the right. Last year, I participated in a reading challenge and I really enjoyed it. I'm gonna keep it simple and do a star system, so original I know, 1-5 stars. 1 meaning gods awful and 5 being amazing.

Writing wise I'm having a great time. I've started a new shifter story, this one stars polar bear shifters. My h is a peach of a girl and the H is a total ass that I'm going to have a blast beating the crap out. I'm on track for getting Magic done this year. I'm hoping it will be long enough to send out to a print publisher. Witches has been put on hold as it took an unexpected turn that requires more research.