Monday, July 9, 2007

8July Update

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This is from yesterday, I write late at night after the munchkins
have gone to bed. Can't focus otherwise, dd is on a 'mommy I want
you' phase which means she's in my lap anytime I'm sitting down and
we've all seen my typing when she does that, LOL.

Let's see I'm at a total of 1,279 words. Not a bad start for me
really. It should be noted I write out of order so this is actually
the middle of the book but the first scene I wrote(raw and unedited):

Beth pulled his shirt from his pants and slid her hands up his toned
abs. His chest was perfect. She'd forgotten how amazing it felt to
touch him. He started unbuttoning her blouse, while leaving a trail
of kisses down her neck to her breasts. He sat up long enough to pull
his shirt over his head. Her hands fumbled with his belt as he
returned his attention to her breasts.

"Alisha." he whispered.

She froze then pushed him away, slowly she met his eyes. He stared at
her a confused look on his face.

"Beth." The flash of disappointment in his eyes squeezed her heart

"Yes that's right Beth." She replied. She stood and left the room
buttoning her blouse as she walked.

Until Next Time.....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

July is Finish the Damn Book Month


It's Finish the Damn Book (FTDB) month on the Daughters of Circe Yahoo Group. I've selected my contemporary romance 'The Second Time Around' (wt) for the month's madness. I've also placed a progress meter over there on the side so I can stay honest with myself. I've got a bit of a challege ahead as it's already day 8 and I've only written a touch over 1k. But hey that's what challenges are for right?

The other Daughters are participating and we all will be posting progress reports as well as little teasers from our books.

Happy Reading and Happy Sunday!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Three of Hearts!

Forbidden has it up! Here's the link

Don't forget our chat at the Romance Studio tonight 9pm EST:

Don't forget to send me an email with your receipt.

An Excerpt:
Leslie sighed and looked through the mass of people around her. The Polaroid her mother had given her in one hand, she searched for Sharon and Charles Monte, who were to meet her. As she approached the luggage carousel, she spotted them. Just then, the little warning alarm went off and she lost them again as people jumped forward to claim their bags. Stifling a curse, she turned to grab her bags. All three pieces of her luggage set had been packed and checked for her.

Moments later, a hand touched her elbow. Spinning around, Leslie found herself face to face with the most gorgeous set of brown eyes she had ever seen. A blend of hues from the darkest fudge to golden amber, they stared down at her with a hint of mischief.

"Let me help you with those."

"Uh…." Her mouth refused to work, her mind too busy taking in the man before her.

He reminded her of the guy from the Highlander television series. Something inside of her lurched as she continued to stare at him. Inner voice singing joyfully, the force pushing her north lessoned to a small tug. It couldn't be that simple, could it?

Breaking eye contact, Leslie took in the rest of him. He was taller than her, she guessed nearly six feet. Those gorgeous eyes were set in a lightly tanned face. His full lips were spread in a wide grin that said he knew he was being examined and enjoying every minute of it, and his dark brown hair had recently been shaved into a high and tight crew cut.

The joyful song singing inside her faltered as she met his eyes a second time. Something was missing, incomplete. No, it isn't going to be that easy. Yet a small part of her soul continued to scream at her to wrap herself around this man and claim him as hers.

"Thanks." She spotted Sharon and Charles over his shoulder. "Here come my friends now."

"Sebastian!" Sharon called, waving her hand, a satisfied smile on her lips.

Leslie felt like sinking through the floor, and Sebastian's grin widened as he grabbed two of her three bags.

Happy Reading and Blessed Be!