Monday, July 9, 2007

8July Update

(Cross posted on DoC yahoo group)

This is from yesterday, I write late at night after the munchkins
have gone to bed. Can't focus otherwise, dd is on a 'mommy I want
you' phase which means she's in my lap anytime I'm sitting down and
we've all seen my typing when she does that, LOL.

Let's see I'm at a total of 1,279 words. Not a bad start for me
really. It should be noted I write out of order so this is actually
the middle of the book but the first scene I wrote(raw and unedited):

Beth pulled his shirt from his pants and slid her hands up his toned
abs. His chest was perfect. She'd forgotten how amazing it felt to
touch him. He started unbuttoning her blouse, while leaving a trail
of kisses down her neck to her breasts. He sat up long enough to pull
his shirt over his head. Her hands fumbled with his belt as he
returned his attention to her breasts.

"Alisha." he whispered.

She froze then pushed him away, slowly she met his eyes. He stared at
her a confused look on his face.

"Beth." The flash of disappointment in his eyes squeezed her heart

"Yes that's right Beth." She replied. She stood and left the room
buttoning her blouse as she walked.

Until Next Time.....

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