Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schizophrenic housecleaner

I finished Julie & Julia, which left me feeling quite bouncy. The excerpt from her next book is intriquing so I've added it to the wish list. Hee Hee that thing just never shrinks. The only thing worse than it is the To Be Read pile. Oh where was I? Right I was feeling bouncy so I did some chores. Swept the kitchen, did the dishes wiped down the counters, picked up the family room. Decided not to vaccum since I vacummed it yesterday. Then decided to water the yards, which means dog poop first, I know I'm a nice mom I don't make Jesse do it. Then I came in and plopped myself infront of the computer.

It's funny, but I've gotten very good at keeping the rooms we use the most, clean, ignore the dust bunnies please. It's not model home clean, and it never will be. I am a creative person which means there has to be chaos somewhere or I'll lose my little piece of sanity. Don't even acknowledge my craft closet if your a neat freak. I'm amazed I haven't had an avalanch in there yet.

There are rooms in my house that are cleaned daily and somewhat neat, then there are rooms that are clean and an utter mess. Like the entry way, it needs to be swept, constantly, and it rarely gets swept. Why? Because I have kids running in and out all day and I get tired of doing it. The bathrooms are rarely all cleaned at once. Scrubbing hurts my hands so if I do the showers I'm not doing the toilets and counters on the same day. There's a couple of days delay in between the two projects. To be fair the counters get cleaned the most often since I use Lysol wipes on random walkthroughs.

The front room where the computer is set up is a study in packrat-dom and kids toys. Not we need to be on Clean House clutter, but clutter. I have more books than bookcase, loads of CDs (there is no such thing as too many of these items). The overflowing DVD collection is in the family room with the Wii and other video games. It needs to be vaccumed. Tis shedding season and there are little Ishtar puffs in places. Not many since I vacummed the front room on Monday but they're starting to come back. And yes I brush the dog. You can't see the top of the dinner table, its buried in clutter. This is our drop off room. We live in the kitchen and family room. I think I'll clean it Friday when there's no summer school so I can torture both kids equally.

My concept of cleaning is a bit like that of a schizophrenic off her meds. Things get done in complete randomness. There's a logic to it. Yes, there is, I can't explain it too you, but it makes sense in my head. And the entire house will never be clean all at once. That would be just beyond words weird.

Hee, hee I'm still feeling bouncy. It's funny but I think I like blogging. The journal thing is evil, this is fun. Of course I can't get to intimate here, there could be stalker people out there. Although why anyone would want to stalk me is a total mystery.

Think maybe I'll brave the closet I need to find a baby announcement sampler.
TTFN Missy/Elena
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How are you?

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I actually wrote in that blasted journal. I've had it for a month and there's 2 whole entries in it now. Goddess I hate that thing!

I watched some of the MJ memorial today, simply because there was no way to avoid it. It was literally on every network in some form. Then by choice I watched the documentary Farrah Fawcett made about her battle with cancer entitled "Farrah's Story" (I dvr-ed it). At the end, she's reading aloud from what I can only assume is her diary about how she answered the question 'how are you?' her answer was absolutely beautiful and I wish I had written it down to type it here but the jist of it was 'I'm alive so that means I'm good.' But the part that really got me thinking was the almost surprised I'm turning tables way she than said oh how are you? what are you fighting for? It got me thinking, such a simple question, it wouldn't leave me alone so I did write it down on the corner of my cross stitch pattern.

How are you? I'm alive and relatively healthy so I'm great! What am I fighting for? Hm, now that's a harder question to answer. What am I fighting for? I don't know. Thinking about it had me pulling out that damned journal and working it out there. I discovered a few things about myself, (a) thanks to the carpal tunnel it hurts to write 3 pages, (b) I've got a surprising amount of anger bottled up, and (c) I still don't know what I'm fighting for. Unless its a losing war against dust and dirty clothes, which a certain 9 year old has taken to stashing in the bizarrest places in his bedroom. And that's not trying to make light of the question or the seriousness in which Ms. Fawcett asked it. I finally decided that there isn't a war for me to fight right this moment. But my focus right now is to learn to not over think anything and to be a fracking duck and let things said to or about me and mine to wash over my feathers and away. It ain't worth the upset stomach.

Ugh, enough serious stuff, let's talk about something fun. I picked up a copy of Julie & Julia at Target the other day. I love the previews for the movie so when I saw the book on sale I bought it. Wish I'd known there was a trade size version one aisle over. I would have shelled out the extra 7 bucks. Holding MMPB's hurt my hands, damn near everything hurts my hands now. Anywho, this is one hilarious book and it's upped my desire to see the movie by leaps. I'll probably even buy Powell's next book when it comes out. I just hope they don't pull out all the best snark like they did with 'The Devil Wears Prada'. I so wanted to see Anne Hathaway, ruin the gears of the car while banging her head on the steering wheel chanting f*ck. But it didn't happen, in fact they pulled all the really good parts out. Go read the book you'll see.

I don't know if its a good or bad thing but I have this building desire to go find a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking vol 1 or MtAoFC as Powell calls it. I don't think I'm brave enough to try cooking from it. Some of the recipes sound truely frightening. Calf hooves and brains oh my!

But it got me to thinking about blogs and whether or not people care about what I think and if there's anyone even reading this nonsense. I know the little tally says people do read what I write, which is something of a thrill. I've even gotten a couple of emails saying they like what I write, thank you for those btw. And I just contradicted myself so its time for me to go to sleep. I've made the decision to try to post some sort of rambling, if not every day than every few days.

So this has been todays ramblings.
TTFN Elena/Melissa (yes today its Melissa not Missy. I'm not feeling very Missy-esque today)