Friday, August 17, 2007

Updates, Finish the Damn Book and everything else

Well, here it is mid August and I've finally got a moment to post an update. I have to apologize for the lagtime between posts, we had family in town for the past three weeks and we've been exploring a decent part Alaska. I've got some amazing shots of glaciers and wildlife.

On the FTDB front I'm fairly certain I met my goal of 25k for The Second Time Around, you know I still don't like that title. Most of the wip is in my spiral so the exact word count is still a mystery but I've got just over 7k typed in and over half the spiral to go. Hopefully by the end of next week it'll all be typed up. Can't wait for school to start, I always have more time to write when the boy is in school.

As I type up Second I've gone back to the polar bear shifter. Not certain how much from the previous wip will survive but now that I've walked on a glacier in the rain I've gotten some new ideas that the muse seems to be enjoying.

The receipt contest ended. Congrats to Isaac for winning! He should be receiving his goody box shortly.

I've titled August the month of catch-ups and school prep. Hopefully by months end I'll have at least one story ready for submission if not two. 'Course then it's September which is NaNo prep month.

Happy Friday!

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wow, walking on a glacier in the rain. That is so cool! LOL

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