Saturday, August 25, 2007

meme of 4....

Kim Rees tagged me with a meme of 4.

Four jobs I've had or currently have in my life:
1. Author
2. Front desk clerk for a las vegas hotel
3. Medical bill repricer
4. Administrative assistant

Four Countries I've been to:
1. USA
2. Canada (does floating past it on a boat count?)
3. tbc
4. tbc

Four Places I'd rather be right now:
1. taking a bubble bath
2. back in las vegas
3. europe
4. egypt

Four foods I like to eat:
1. dark chocolate
2. orange chicken
3. gummy things
4. bbq chicken pizza

Four personal heroes, past, present, or future
1. My mom
2. Mrs. Claus (what? Her husband works 1 day a year and she hasn't killed him yet, that is awe inspiring.)
3. Anita Blake
4. Mercedes Lackey

Four Books you've read or are currently reading:
1. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
2. The Craft by Dorothy Morrison
3. How to Shrink Your Female Fat Zones by Denise Austin
4. Finding Your Voice by Les Edgerton

Four words or phrases you would like to see used more often:
1. Frick
2. Dad can I ______(fill in the blank)
3. schmue
4. please

Four reasons for ending a friendship:
1. They object to me talking to invisible people
2. The invisible ones don't like them
3. They beat up my son
4. They don't understand why I'm yelling at 'muse'

Four smells that make you feel good about the world:
1. Cinammon
2. Lemon
3. Vanilla
4. Lavendar

Four Things You'd like to do before you die but never have
1. See the pyramids
2. Be rich enough to afford a maid
3. Build my dream house
4. Go to Europe

My Question: Name Four Things You Can't Live Without
1. Caffine
2. Shawn
3. Music
4. My computer

I'm going to's just mom, Jennie Andrus, Tambra Kendell, and Tina Bendoni.

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