Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Contest: How many Ebooks will fit?

As a reader I love contest as they present me with a chance to get neat stuff from my favorite authors. As a new author I haven't the foggiest on what is and isn't a good contest to throw. Therefore, I've decided to hold a guessing game contest. With the upcoming move I'm faced with the scary knowledge that all my books are going to be packed up and shipped to Alaska where I won't get to see them again until early March **knock on wood**. Thankfully technology is such that I won't be without reading material. THANK YOU GODS FOR EBOOKS!

Here's the contest: I've got a 1gb memory card for my Palm Pilot. How many books do you think I can fit on it? Post your guesses and whoever gets the closest will get a surprise.



whatajul said...

Hi Elena!

I think you could fit about 16 books on a 1 GB card.

Have a fabu day!

Lesley said...

I'd guess 1000ish.

If you have that many, I'm totally impressed!

Elena said...

Not yet I don't but at the rate I'm going I'll hit it sooner rather than later. I've started moving most of my library in to a digital format it's easier to move them lol.

wolvez said...

Hi Elena

My guess is 150 books on a stick.

can't wait to see the cover art for the book.

Elena said...

Just realized I never posted an end date for the contest. I'll be closing the contest on the 29th of January.

Elena said...

Good Morning everyone. The contest is now closed.