Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well it's the middle of March and as we can all see I failed to blog at least once a week. Life hasn't been hectic or anything it's just been steady. We've been staying pretty close to home since gas prices seem determined to hit the $3.50 mark sooner rather than later. The Costco had regular for $3.24 a gallon, these prices are just murder on the budget.

Despite that we did make it downtown for the Fur Rondy's first annual reindeer run. We had fun wandering the little touristy shops, watching the dog mushers cross the finish line, as well as watching the main event. The Iditarod is currently going on as well.

Now onto the goals. February was pretty hit and miss on those. #1 was the home routine, which is pretty much in place. There were a few times it didn't happen but stuff happens. I didn't lose any weight though, actually I gained 2 ounces. BUT, I did lose inches all over, so goal met. I talked to a person over at the HAWK and they said it happens this way sometimes, I'm building muscle and lossing fat at the same time. #2 eat regularly, I'm doing good on this one, I managed to eat breakfast the entire month so Yay me! #3 Write at least 5k. Nope didn't happen, I only got about 2k down.
#4 Embroidery, this one I met and you might think the stitching is getting in the way of the writing but its not. I only stitch during my daughter's daily play date. #5 chores, almost got it, so close. #6 Blog yeah as I said earlier failed miserably.

Now March goals...
#1 Workout keep it going, the results are coming slow and steady
#2 Health Again maintain, eat regularly and take that frickin' vitamin
#3 Writing, hell at the rate I'm going I need something I can actually do so this ones going to be write at least 300 words a day.
#4 Stitching, I need to shift my focus to Temptation so let's go with finish pg 1 Temptation and 2 rows on Dragon Knot.
#5 Blog BLOG BLOG BLOG, I gotta remember this thing is here and needs to be updated!

Happy Thursday!

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