Monday, June 4, 2007

26 days until Three of Hearts is released!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly didn't mean to disappear for so long. But you know what they say about best laid plans. I've been batting several new ideas around and jotting them down in my notebook while running all over the place trying to get things accomplished.

I've also began the countdown for the release of ToH, obviously LOL. I can't wait!!!

The other big news of the week is on Thursday I turn the big 30. It's funny I remember my husband being all upset when he turned 30 and I feel jazzed at everything I've accomplished so far in life. The list I made back when I was a teen of all the things I wanted to do by the time I hit this age has got lots of little checkmarks next to items. I didn't do everything. I still need to get to Europe and a couple of others but the biggies are there...marriage, kids, selling a's all good. What's still on this list will be added to the 50 list. If I don't get to Europe by them I'm gonna be upset! LOL well not totally but it will be a bummer. So much history I want to see.

Well it's time I get back to the grind, character sheets to complete and an outline to rework on a wip that's been getting more and more impatient. I'll try to make it back and post a new Thursday Thirteen. Until then.......

Happy Monday and Blessed Be!!

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