Friday, March 2, 2007

I'm ba'ack and I've got a cover!!

Hello out there in internet land! I'm in Alaska and it is sooooooo cold. The move is finally over and now all I got to do is unpack. LOL that should only take a couple of years, j/k I think. But I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me in my email. My cover is here. I love it! It's amazing! And here it is......

Once the Elders sent her off to Canada to find her mate, Leslie Maple realizes life wasn't so hot out in Phoenix. With nothing but a photo, she heads to Vancouver where she meets the two most gorgeous men she'd ever seen, identical twins Sebastian and Castor Belvedere. But, more intriguing is the feelings they invoke in her, the call she just can't seem to resist.

Aunt Sharon has a nasty habit of playing matchmaker, but Sebastian and Castor Belvedere are through playing along. But Aunt Sharon is an old pro at the matchmaking game and plays her wild card asking them to do her a favor by accompanying her to the airport to pick up her latest mate choice. Unfortunately, for them this time Aunt Sharon may be right. But whom does this mate belong to?

Wet & Wild is a series of beaver shifter stories. Be sure to check out the other two books.
Wet & Wild: Lifemates by Aline de Chevigny
Wet & Wild Courting Damnation by Piper Evyns

Isn't it pretty? This is so exciting!! It makes the whole I've sold my story that much more real.

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Lesley said...

You're cover is GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!